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Game cover I Spy Challenger! ( - gba)

In the game based on series of books, more than 100 levels where it is possible to show accurate calculation of time, observation and, of course, to achieve good luck.

Game cover Ice Age ( - gba)

The plot of a game follows the famous Hollywood movie.

Game cover Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown ( - gba)

Main characters of this glacial era: an idler Cyd, Manni's mammoth and a saber-toothed tiger of Diego who try to escape from the flooded valley water.

Game cover Ice Nine ( - gba)

The main character the CIA agent who held trainings in the Camp Peary camp which is in Verdzhiniya's staff, only to execute a secret mission.

Game cover Incredibili, Gli - Una

An improbable family, under such name the movie in Russia, despite the tangled name of a game this same family with improbable abilities became known.

Game cover Incredible Hulk, The ( - gba)

That who knows kind character of the healthy fellow, & nbsp; for certain will want to feel also its destructive force, a game will give you many pleasant hours of pastime.

Game cover Incredibles, The ( - gba)

The family of the former superheroes has to get to work again, and each of five main characters will be used at some point games.

Game cover Incredibles, The - Rise of the Underminer ( - gba)

& nbsp; Main character Mr.

Game cover Increibles, Los ( - gba)

& nbsp; The Improbable family, under such name the movie in Russia, despite the tangled name of a game this same family with improbable abilities became known.

Game cover Initial D - Another Stage ( - gba)

& nbsp; Initial D: Another Stage is the game the simulator published by Sammy Studios which was released in Japan in 2002.

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Game Boy Advance games Game Boy Advance (GBA) - Play Game Boy Advance games online

The Game Boy Advance (abbreviated as GBA) is a 32-bit handheld game system by Nintendo. It is the successor to the Game Boy Color.

The Game Boy Advance was first shown at Spaceworld Tokyo on August 24, 2000. In Japan, the Game Boy Advance went on sale on March 21, 2001 for 9,800 yen (about $100); in the US, sales began later. The console retained compatibility with the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. There are both 2D and 3D games for the console (for example, Need For Speed, Serious Sam Advance, etc.)

In 2003, Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance SP, a more compact clamshell variant with lights and a rechargeable battery. The Game Boy Advance SP had several limited editions (Famicom edition, Mario Limited Edition Pak, Zelda Pak, Final Fantasy Tactics edition, etc.)

In 2005, the Game Boy Micro appeared, another compact version of the Game Boy Advance.

Specifications for Game Boy Advance

  • Processor: 32-bit arm7tdmi at 16.78MHz and Z80 at 8MHz.
  • RAM: 32 KB, 256 KB external RAM
  • Video RAM: 96 KB
  • Drives: cartridges 4-32 MB.
  • Screen: TFT, 240×160 pixels, 32,768 colors, diagonal 74 mm.
  • Controls: D-pad (+), L and R shifts, A and B buttons, SELECT, START.
  • Additionally: Smooth volume control, headphone output (Mini-jack 3.5 mm). Works with cartridges from Game Boy and Game Boy Color. serial port. It has the ability to connect up to 4 set-top boxes in one network. Powered by 2 AA batteries (3 volts).
  • There was also a very rare model with a TV-out and non-switchable backlight in a classic case.