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Walkthrough Captain Commando - Capcom Play System 1 (CPS1)

Wooky - Dressed in the style of 1980s supervillain minions. This could serve Modoc or one of the villains in the Marvel universe. Probably a reference to AIM (to refresh your memory, I'll show a picture of Bob's character, who works there and helps Deadpool). Fights with fists and does not pose any threat.

Eddy is the second version of Wooky, which differs only in much more powerful attacks and outfit color.

Dick is the third version of Wooky, but only with an uzi and a blue suit. Of the interesting: does not appear in the version of the game on snes.

Ride Armor is a robot car that Wooky usually rides, but the player can knock him off the saddle and take the wheel himself. This thing shoots fire and ice. Unfortunately, it can be a problem if it suddenly falls into the hands of other minions, because enemies also knock the player off the saddle with one blow.

Skip and Sonie are two black boys in ripped jeans and one big superhero carving knife. I think they cut their clothes with this knife. Weird guys. The first one wears a yellow shirt and the second one wears a red one. They don't pose much of a threat, but they can randomly deal decent damage (the simplest opponents always do everything by accident).

Carol and Brenda - Very beautiful girls who, as I understand it, are not particularly important to wear clothes. Pfft, who needs it anyway? Strongly beat with electricity. It is best to shoot them down with an air attack, because they can hurt you badly. Carol has pink hair and Brenda is blonde.

Samson and Organo are two dumb and muscular guys. Not very dangerous, and they meet only a couple of times per game. One wears blue and the other wears red. These guys came from the Stone Age. They probably know the Flintstones.

Marbin is a bald man who likes to hang out with his friends in the bars of Metro City. He suddenly appears with his friends and instead of throwing a Molotov cocktail at us, he begins to breathe fire with a lighter and drunk alcohol. Problematic at the last levels, when he found a cloning machine in space (otherwise it is difficult to explain why there are so many of them).

Mardia is a huge, muscular, red-haired girl who can kill you with Snu-Snu or a nasty green liquid. A strong woman who looks like a tank and is actually a tank. I recommend killing her last, since she is very slow.

Kojiro is a red-clothed ninja who is a normal Wooky-style opponent who can only punch and kick. The name and character refers to the famous Edo-era samurai Sasaki Kojiro.

Hanzo is a blue-robed ninja who wields a shuriken throwing weapon during combat. A very annoying enemy that attacks at the most inopportune (for the player) moment. It's rare that more than one of these runs during a fight. It is obvious that his name refers to the great samurai and commander of the Sengoku era, Hattori Hanzo.

Sasuke is the third ninja who is not actually a ninja. Green clothing. He carries a sword with him and - I will surprise you now - uses it for its intended purpose. Samurai, but not the biggest nuisance in the game (although it takes away decently). His name refers to Sasuke Sarutobi, a well-known fictional character of the same fictional writings (that is, a myth). Good cover for a ninja, actually.

Musashi is a hell of a big samurai that poses some sort of threat in the game. When you first meet him, you most likely will no longer be among the living. The only worse thing is that he will be your opponent during the boss fight. And by the way, he also refers to one well-known person in Japan. This time it is the great and unsurpassed Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.

Z is a dude in an alien suit. I'm not even going to say whose image was taken as a basis. Everyone should know this. This opponent is very dangerous. Uses Vega's weapon from Street Fighter, except that it is several times larger. Fortunately, it rarely appears in the game. Samurai and even more often (and after all, most of the game will take place in space).


Dolg is the first boss in the game. The simplest and not particularly memorable. The design is reminiscent of a glamorous rocker who recently returned from a Kiss or Twisted Sister tour. I decided to rob a bank to get tickets for a new tour, but I met with the Captain's team and that's it. Rocket launchers will be scattered throughout the level, and before the battles, you will most likely take away the robot car from the villains, so you just have a lot of opportunities to kill the reptile. He mostly jumps and tries to beat him with his bare fists. Very easy to grab and beat. Flickers like a regular enemy before the fight with the last boss of the game.

Shturm Jr. - This is the most bastard boss in the game. The prefix junior means nothing when you have a harpoon in your hands. This bastard appears on the second level and tries to avoid any close contact with the player and attacks from afar, and jumps away from attacks. Plus, annoying (for the player) minions help him. Outwardly, it resembles rotten food or half-eaten salad.

Yamato is a huge samurai with huge weapons and clothes to match those worn by participants in the kabuki theater. It hurts, but he walks slowly. Not the most dangerous opponent, and the fight with him was made as a performance (we fight on stage while the public is watching us), but still, taking into account the fact that samurai bodyguards walk with him, it still represents a real thunderstorm for life.

Monster is a hulk-like monster with a speaking name. The result of some terrible experiment. It was created by the evil scientist Dr. T. W... For his size, he is incredibly jumpy and dangerous. It is best to get a robot (ice) before the fight with him. During the battle, try to run back more often and suddenly run in. That's all.

Dr. TW is an evil scientist who created a Monster called Monster. During the battle with that monster, he stands on the box and responds with joy to the attacks of his creation and covers his face with his hands for the player's successful attacks. After the monster is defeated, the scientist jumps onto his boat and tries to escape down the river. Not the boss, since nothing can oppose us, and the main problem in the battle with him is the rapidly ticking timer. He also has a weird nose. Very strange. Perhaps because of this nose, he became an evil scientist. Anyway, it's either that, or he really likes to create hulk-like broccoli.

Shturm and Druk - the same boss with a harpoon but only multiplied by 2. Either they are avenging parents or brothers. The devil knows. I didn’t have any problems with them due to the fact that before that I got a rocket launcher. During the battle with them, small enemies that breathe fire now and then come running. It is difficult, but if the player stands in the upper right corner, he will be able to make the slow-witted dummies themselves jump into the arms of death (on the fists or swords of the protagonist). In any case, standing there can save you from fire attacks.

Blood is a boss that does not stand out in any way, but if you look closely at his hands, then ... in general, this is a Frankenstein monster with someone else's hands sewn in place of the old ones. Boss thug. He sits in his office in an aquarium. Seriously, he has an office in an aquarium. He also has a robot factory and an elevator under his desk. The player will fight with him on the roof of the train. I can't say much about the difficulty, except that I advise the player to be careful with his dive kick (he will use it often).

Doppel is a variation on "There should always be a mirror fight before the final boss." It was like that in all beat-ups. This is even in the MegaMan and The Legend of Zelda series. In this case, everything is a little simpler, because in beat-ups the opponent does not repeat the blows after the player, but simply tries to perform the most dangerous variations of them. When fighting him, everything depends more on the luck and skills of the player. Apparently his name is a shortened version of the word doppelgänger (double).

Scumocide (Genocide in Japan) is a very dangerous and incredibly powerful lord of the Super Villains organization. The American version of the name sounds funny (Japanese genocide vs. American motherfucker). Uses fire and ice against the player. The easiest way to defeat him is a dumb but effective tool called a raid. Run up and grab the foe. The body fell and immediately run to the place of the fall until he comes to his senses and grab it again. If that the player may not even get a single scratch.