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An unpretentious race on the formula-1. One of the early toys, so nothing special can be expected from it. Rear view from behind the car. The track moves towards us and turns right and left. Absolutely standard type of racing for this console.

Formula 1 standard rear view race. Before the start of the race, you can set up the car, select the track and make other settings for the game. Although we see our car from behind, there is still a dashboard with a speedometer and speed indicator on the screen. Speeds are switched manually.

Stealth aircraft simulator. View from the cockpit through the sight window. We fly low over the ground, and destroy the given ground objects. You can refresh the mission task in your memory using the map by switching to it by pressing Select.

Pseudo three-dimensional flying game with a third-person view (because of the plane). An ordinary fighter flies over the highway between the houses standing along its edges. From the weapon there is a machine gun and torpedoes. All sorts of tanks are driving along the road, which will certainly shoot at you and hit you if you stand still

Fighter simulator, very similar to the F-117a simulator, and it is still made by the same Microprose. The same view from the cockpit through almost the same sight, the panel displays almost the same information, including a piece of the map, but an image of the aircraft itself has been added. We also fly above the ground and destroy the given ground objects. Unlike the F-117a, in this game, the takeoff of the aircraft is accompanied by a rather beautiful animation. .

Race in Formula 1, but with a view from above. Much less realistic than other races, despite the many settings and options. The track is not a ring, but a straight line with turns. The race itself looks much more modest than you might imagine, looking at the introductory menus and pictures with girls in swimsuits.

Composer of comic sketches. Moreover, all the received persons are entirely Chinese. The game was part of the software of a Chinese Famicon-based computer called Dr. PC Jr.

Adventure toy about a bear. The bear's mouth is constantly folded with a tube. We see him exactly from above, he runs around the screens with painted forests and lawns strictly along certain trajectories. Along the way, something constantly happens to him. The game periodically switches to chat mode with many menus.

Logic game Go. On a large field, divided by a grid into squares, it is necessary to place the chips so that they encircle the opponent's chips in a ring, thereby eating them. The game is comparable to chess in terms of complexity and number of options.

An adventure toy about a boy who is sucked into a book and has to meet his favorite characters in their home environment. Top view, a guy in a huge white helmet a la Darth Vader runs around the world, switching between modes of the general map, traveling around the city and fighting. Enemies are visible on the map, so you can get around them, and when you meet them, you must kill them by chasing them across the frozen screen and flailing with your fist. . .

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