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The game is very similar in principle to the famous elite, just without trading as such. But the flight between the planets, the purchase of new weapons and various lotions on the available planets - as in the Elite. The main difference between the game is that it is not a three-dimensional simulator, but a flat one with a top view. The ship moves like in the famous old toy Asteroids.

A prisoner of war escaped from prison. Now he needs to leave enemy territory. To menacing music, he destroys enemy soldiers with his hands and feet and the weapons taken from them.

A cute walker about a superman boy. Superman is funny enough, which is only worth the huge eyes on the mask of the super hero and the red curly cape. Of the weapons he only has a fist, but with the help of prizes you can increase his power. Fights with enemies take place in the style of the game Yo! Noid, that is, you must win a certain game from the boss. In this case, it's a board game with monopoly dice.

The second part of the toy is about a cute big-eyed Superman. It differs quite a lot from the first one. Now it's not just a walker with a side view. There were levels with a view from above, mainly for wandering around buildings. Inside each building there can be more than one floor, which can be moved using an elevator.

Action game with a side view with the participation of an old acquaintance of Pac-Man'a. Only this time he already has arms and legs and runs along the roads, dodging old enemies he knew from previous games. The game has perverted controls. To move forward and backward, you need to press the A and B buttons, and to jump, use the D-pad.

Classic game. The circle, which is a large mouth, absorbs pills in a small labyrinth. Jelly-like enemies interfere with him, but they can also be devoured if you grab a particularly large pill. Periodically, prize fruits appear in the same place of the labyrinth.

Alteration of the good old Pac-Man'a in a new way. Now the level is not flat, but as if three-dimensional, drawn in isometric projection and with different walls in each level. Now a small scene from the life of large-mouthed balls is shown after passing each level.

The simplest simulator of the Pachinko machine - a vertical pinball machine. They play here not for points, but for balls. It's not about stopping the ball from falling into the hole, but about throwing it into the right hole to get new balls. The one that did not get anywhere, disappears. The game is reminiscent of gambling One-armed Bandit.

Virtual casino slot machines - One-Armed Bandits. The little man can move around the room lined with various slot machines and play any of them. Gradually, as the funds won are accumulated, a person can get to the upper floors of the building, where the entrance is initially closed, but where there are more expensive machines.

Continuation of the virtual casino with slot machines. The graphics have become a little less prettier, but the game has become almost role-playing. You can not only approach the machine, but also call up a menu near it, both with the settings of the machine, and with something else. As before, to get to the upper levels of the casino, you need to earn a certain amount.

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