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A decent pirate platformer in the image and likeness of Felix the Cat. The main character - a hacker - runs through the level, collecting CDs and crushing the enemy with his feet. When a special icon is found, the hero transforms first into a fighter with a blaster, then into a red car, and finally into a tank.

Unusual role play. The screen is divided into two parts: the top shows the surrounding space around the hero within one cell of the map. Below, the map itself and the position of the character on it. If a building is visible on the cell, you can go into it and talk to people or buy something.

A funny toy about a man with a big wooden hammer. The main character has evil workers destroying the house, and he begins to take revenge. At the levels you will meet various builders, electricians, high-rise workers, plumbers and all of them will want you to quickly get out of their construction site. But, skillfully wielding a hammer, they can be pacified. Weapons in hand can be upgraded.

Adventure about the adventures of the famous twins. They are hunted by the paparazzi and dangers lie in wait on the streets, but they always walk together and do everything at the same time. The game essentially resembles Binary Land, because here you also need to control two characters that move synchronously. The only thing you can afford is to slightly change the distance between the brothers, for example. to overcome particularly uncomfortable chasms.

Pirate erotic toy in Chinese cards, apparently for undressing. The pictures are pretty well drawn.

Perhaps the only real-time strategy on this console with elements of the economy. We take possession of the castle and a certain number of soldiers. They can be sent to travel around the island. You can see who is where on the map. All players move at the same time and instructions can be given to them all at any time.

A colorful walker with a side view about Bugs the rabbit. Bugs is invited to his own 50th birthday celebration by his fans. But the rest of the characters have a fair indignation that no one has ever called them to such holidays. And they decide at all costs to prevent Bugs from getting to a party in his honor. Bugs, fortunately, has a hammer with which he famously makes not very smart enemies.

Cute basketball simulator. Nothing special, just a side view, a bunch of players running around the court and throwing a tiny ball to each other. No animation inserts, and splash screens are unsightly.

Beat-em-up with the famous Harry Potter in the title role. He must clear with his fists, legs and . . . Nimbus 2000 model brooms (press A + B and smile) a path to the end of the level, where Professor Quarell and Voldemort will be waiting for him (two in one, as usual).

Funny walker about a dog of an unknown breed. He can bite, throw bombs, hover, twirl his tail, and jump, of course. At the level you need to collect gems and bones. Dice allow you to change the current type of weapon and make improvements, such as increasing the number of hearts of life.

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