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Virtual shooting range from a third person. A man in blue in the foreground shoots the equipment and manpower of the enemy in the background. It can shoot both bursts from a machine gun and throw grenades. Additional ammo drops from the dead. At the bottom there is a counter of killed enemies, after filling which, you go to the next static screen of the shooting gallery.

Unusual Tetris. Cards act as figures falling into the glass. Lined up in a row, three or more cards of the same suit or the same value disappear. Above the glass, you can see the next three cards for planning a further strategy.

Virtual casino. One large hall is rather poorly stocked with various slot machines and gambling tables. You can use the cursor arrow to move around this room and choose a game to your liking. There are one-armed bandits, poker machines, roulette tables, blackjack and just a lottery. You can play as long as there is money or until you get bored.

Reckless sports games. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes comical. The first sport is boarding in a ramp. Pretty hard to do, but looks nice. Next, chasing the ball with any part of the body, except for the hands. You can throw the ball so high that it hits the bird. Well, and so on. summer, sun, beach, sea and fun.

A prototype of an unreleased game about hygienic dirt clods. Walker, side view, a pink creature resembling an aged and bloated Cool Spot of lilac color runs through pipes and sinks and makes its way into the sewer.

International competitions in athletics. Running 100 meters, long jump, swimming and more. Actually, sports competitions are diluted with a little bit of animated scenes, when the loser hits the ground with his hands, the panting runner breathes heavily, or the winners are awarded and at the same time they show the TV commentator. All athletes are drawn in a clearly caricatured form - with large heads and a small torso. .

Horizontal walker with characters from American comics in the lead roles. Captain America is an uncle in a red and blue tights, a cap with wings and a boomerang shield. His assistant (Hawk) is a kind of Robin Hood, with a bow and a cloak. The main villain (Mandarin) looks a lot like Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The level is selected on the map, and in order to get out of it, you need to knock out luminous balls from special boxes.

Angular flying-shooter. A rather large airplane flies over the fields of multi-colored squares. When the square turns red, the plane cannot fly over it. In addition to conventional weapons, the plane has something like a sledgehammer, with which it moores to gas stations, and after a short video and an anime muzzle of a tanker, it sets off again.

Adventure game with another comic book hero. Captain Planet has to save the Planet again. The first level is a flying shooter. The plane shoots fireballs and can turn around. Weapons can run out.

An uncle in blue pants and black glasses and with a boomerang, as in the first part of the Power Blade game, stands guard over the order. Compared to the second part, the game has changed a lot graphically, but has remained virtually unchanged in essence. But this part is much more pleasant to play, as it is made much better and the music is much richer.

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