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Quite a rare genre for the NES - historical strategy. Time of action - the end of the 18th, the beginning of the 90th centuries. Napoleonic Wars in Europe. The game is divided into two parts. the first is general strategic.

Amusing walker with a bias in the adventure. View from above, the girl in pink runs through various landscapes, most of which are rather intricate mazes and collects several types of items. Each of which is needed for a specific purpose. Hearts, for example, need to be distributed to one of three friends who can be seen later. The girl also talks to some strange-looking individuals and changes something in them for blue crystals.

Women's golf competition for an NES-based arcade machine.

The most incredible role-playing game on the NES. The VRC7 sound chip sounds similar to the sound of Sega, but its quality is almost like that of Super Nintendo. An incredible story about a distant terrestrial colony that lost contact with the earth due to biological contamination and a small ship with the heroes of the game was sent for reconnaissance. The game system is almost indistinguishable from Snes RPGs. No command menus.

Helicopter simulator. View from the cab. Konami's game is made on exactly the same engine as Top Gun. The sound effects have also remained the same. The meaning of the game has changed somewhat.

A game based on the movie of the same name with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role. Side view, a hero in black glasses and blue pants runs through the streets and all sorts of rooms and scatters a lot of annoying enemies like men in T-shirts or fake knights with swords with his fists. On the first level, it's raining, and you can run on the roofs of police cars. At the end of the level, the boss is waiting, usually a kid two meters tall, which is not so difficult to fill up and thereby save the hostages. .

Role-playing game with not quite ordinary characters. These are all sorts of mutants and monsters who survived after a big catastrophe. Numerous tombstones on the world map remind of the catastrophe, which you can approach and read the inscriptions. Top view, there are 4 characters in your party, one of which is a skeleton. Horror.

Adventure toy like rpg. A ninja in a black suit runs around the isometric rooms and can punch and kick the enemies they encounter. Moreover, the enemy does not have to die, he can simply turn off, but after a while he will regain strength and go on the attack again. In each of the rooms you need to perform some action in order to move forward.

Unusual flying-shooter. Side view, the ship flies strictly in the middle of the screen up and down, but can turn back and return. Enemy planes are flying around, but the main targets are on ground bases. They have to be hit.

Sheriff simulator. The original view from behind your hero, only slightly to the left and at the level of the lower back. Only a holster and a hand with a pistol are visible from your hero. Your rivals come out of various establishments and after some verbal skirmish, you need to have time to get a gun and make a shot. By simply shooting your opponent out of turn, you risk losing any reward.

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