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Game Adventures of Gilligan
Adventures of Gilligan's Island, The

Before us is a story about people who find themselves on an unknown island after a shipwreck. The sensational series "The Lost" immediately pops up in my memory. So, as in the series, the main characters have a lot to go through, so get ready for a big adventure. The main goal of the game "Adventures of Gilligan's Island, The" for survivors is to create at least a small semblance of civilization, so as not to die of starvation.

There are two characters under our command - Skipper and Gilligan. It was they who took upon themselves the heavy burden of leading the survivors, and also making sure that no one killed anyone ahead of time. Although, for the most part, the game is linear, it is still not easy to predict what might happen in the next moment.

So, the game "Adventures of Gilligan's Island, The" is a very exciting and pretty well implemented quest, of which very few came out for the NES. Dedicated to all fans of the genre!

Gilligan's Island Adventures is an NES game loosely based on the TV series of the same name. You control a skipper who follows you on Gilligan's heels, and you must complete four episodes containing plots found on the show, too. Various cast members from the show are present and you need to interact with them to complete each episode. The game is action oriented but quite clunky as you have to make sure the computer-controlled Gilligan is close to the skipper at all times. It's a very slow game process, but it's really not that bad once you get through all the retreat and ineffective attack controls. It might be worth checking out, at least sometime, but there are plenty of better NES action/adventure games out there.

In this game, you control a skipper and Gilligan follows you around (like Sonic and Tails). Gilligan can be a bit clumsy and end up stuck behind various obstacles (the computer AI isn't all that great for him). You need to move carefully so that Gilligan can follow you through the areas. Having Gilligan with you is required when talking to people in order to move the plot forward. If Gilligan is missing, you will need to find him first (or use the rope item to bring him back to you immediately). I should also point out that it is very important to talk to specific people in the correct order; missing someone may not trigger the next part of the story, preventing you from doing the right thing.

Gameplay is your standard side view of the action. You can move in four directions, jump by pressing the A button, and attack from B. There are some dangers such as mud pits, water, and quicksand. You can cross them by pressing A repeatedly while moving across. If the water/quicksand is moving in a certain direction, you can get carried away into a new area, as long as you don't move against the current as it rides across. Sometimes it's good to get carried away, but other times it needs to be done safely.

The game is timed as indicated by the clock at the bottom of the screen. However, you need to move quickly to make it through each episode. Luckily, there are hourglass items that randomly appear that will replenish the timer as you continue (more on this and other items below). If Gilligan... gets lost as you progress, the timer will run until 2:00, allowing you extra time to find him before reverting back to the regular timer.

During the game, you will have access to the map. It will show you everything from the episode area, as well as the location of other people. Since the game may require a bit of backtracking and revisiting the same person multiple times, the map is very helpful in finding how to get somewhere quickly.

There are various enemies as the game progresses. If you get hit first, you will lose a small amount of health. Lose all your health and then the game is of course over. You can attack enemies by punching them or by using the Club weapon (when given to you). Generally the attack is pretty useless, and it's much easier to avoid enemies anyway.

There are four episodes (levels) in this game. At the end of each episode, you will receive a password to access the next if you stop playing (there is no in-game save feature).


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Adventures of Gilligan's Island, The
Dendy (NES)
Human Entertainment
Bandai America
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