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Competitions in popular sports in California in the late 80s: skateboard, socks, surfing, rollerblading, BMX, frisbee. California Games is a collection of alternative sports games on the California coast released by Epyx in 1987. The developer has already proven himself with such great gaming series as Summer Games, Winter Games, as well as World Games and their follower has not disgraced its former glory. Only 6 different competitions, but what! We put on sunglasses, take sunscreen and a towel, we all go together to play this beautiful toy! Competitions in: Half Pipe, Foot Bag, Surfing, Skating, BMX and Flying Disk. If translated into Russian, then these competitions are used: a skateboard, a ball, a surfboard, roller skates, a bicycle and flying saucers.

Continuation of the game about sports popular in California, this time you can take part in 4 types: skateboard, surfing, hang gliding, snowboarding. The second part of a collection of sports games from the California coast. But now only 4 games are available. Also, everything is beautiful, high quality and exciting ... I personally liked the first part more.

A platform game ported over from a slot machine. You have to find the treasures of Captain Silver, which, according to rumors, are hidden on one of the islands in Eastern Waters. To do this, you will have to break through hordes of monsters and pirates, in order to resist them you have only the right sword. A game about a pirate named Silver! Or maybe not. Who knows.

Casino simulator. Card games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat are presented, as well as slot machines. If you get tired, you can play pinball (no stakes). Collection of games of chance. By the way, very good for training. Everything seems to be normal, nice little toy. There is Blackjack, Slots, Pinball, just what we need! Your opponent has a good mind, so it is not easy to win.

A platform game from Brazilians based on some cartoon. First you get downsized and you try to get back to your original size, then you clean up the kitchen. We play as a guy or a girl. Another Brazilian horror series. In addition to the "cool" graphics, I also noticed "cool" controls.

Platform game about Mickey Mouse. Minnie was kidnapped by the evil witch Mizrabel. Now, in order to save your beloved, you have to find 7 stones hidden in the Castle of Illusions and fight Mizrabel herself. And here is my favorite series of toys - about Mickey Mouse! Minnie Mouse has been taken hostage by the evil witch Mizrabel! You simply must save your soul mate (and also find 7 gems along the way). Graphics at the highest level.

Football simulator. 4 game modes, many teams, you can choose a judge (8 to choose from). You can choose the strength of the wind, the weather. The chance to become the European Football Champion has come! You simply must defeat all the notorious teams of the Old World. Pass quickly, otherwise you will have a chance to lead the last line of the table! So, mediocre (but not bad) football.

Hockey simulator ported from the Genesis version of the EA Hockey game. 4 game modes, 22 teams. There are very few representatives of hockey on the Sega Master System, so you can take a closer look at this toy, but only on screenshots and no more.

Platform game. The goal is to take out all the monsters, including Count Dracula, and then find all the keys and passages that will lead you to the long-lost family treasures. In the Brazilian version of the game, the main character is replaced by a character from some cartoon. This is a Brazilian craft from an early SMS Ghost House toy. Only the main character and the title screen have been changed.

The legendary shooting game, transferred from the slot machine. In the role of a rescue helicopter pilot, you have to rescue prisoners of war and, if possible, destroy enemy military equipment. Well, have you already played Pac-Man and other children's toys? Do you want something serious? Then jump at the controls of a rescue helicopter and don't say later that you forgot to buckle up! The task in the game is quite difficult. Fast forward to the non-existent empire of Bungeling, which seems to have occupied some islands in the Middle East. 64 delegates were kidnapped straight from the World Peace Conference by the soldiers of this empire and imprisoned in barracks converted into prisons.

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