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We control the plane of the Second World War. First, we choose the type of mission - hunting for fighters, bombers, or bombing an enemy train or submarine, after which - into battle! We coordinate the flight to the target on the map, if you don’t look at it, then you can fly far and not there. In the cockpit, do not forget to turn your head - the dashboard is much larger than it seems at first glance. The Second World War is underway, and the most desperate pilots of the British Royal Air Force are raising combat vehicles into the air . .

A vertical shooter carried over from a slot machine. A kind of continuation of the Spy Hunter game - we carry out tasks to destroy equipment, simultaneously shooting enemy agents. However, the gameplay is somewhat different from the c version of the slot machine. At each level, the player needs to complete some task. The number of lives is not limited, but the task must be completed within a certain period of time.

Platform game based on the film of the same name, which can be found on most consoles of the time. In the role of Gomez, we walk around the estate, trying to save our family. A game about the adventures of the head of the Addams Family. The "beautiful" half of the head of the family, named Morticia, was kidnapped. Uncle Fester can't help, and only Gomez can save the situation.

Horizontal shooter. We fly on a supersonic fighter and destroy enemy equipment. At the end of the level, of course, the boss is some particularly large piece of engineering. According to the plot, we are fighting with a certain terrorist organization NAC, which owns a weapon capable of destroying the ozone layer. Flying shooter.

Shooting game with a rear view, carried over from the slot machine. I don't think anyone needs to introduce this game. We take off from an aircraft carrier and chop up enemy aircraft, since the supply of missiles and ammunition is not limited. The American F-14 Tomcat will have to be piloted: a jet interceptor and bomber used by the US Air Force from 1974 to 2006 (the new F-18F came to replace it). The main task of the fighter is to dominate the surface space, so the main place for landing and takeoff are aircraft carriers, which is also clearly demonstrated in the game.

Horizontal shooter. A very entertaining clone of the Choplifter game - we rescue people from broken rides, burning buildings, etc. by helicopter, shooting back from enemies along the way. This game is similar to Choplifter, however, it is rather unique to be its counterpart. You also need to rescue the poor captives with your air monster, ie.

You have a difficult and dangerous mission. You are one of the White Knights - knights who maintain peace within the System. Your forces are needed to prevent the coup planned by the Norse Empire. In the territory of the Empire are the keys to your success: five diskettes with information and a plan of destruction. If only you could get them! You are protected by Laser Zillion and some other Champ, Apple and Amy.

Platform game based on the Disney cartoon of the same name. It has little in common with the SNES and Genesis versions, in this game you will have to run the first couple of levels, after which a completely ordinary walker follows. Start looking for adventure and you will certainly find Aladdin. He, with his inseparable friend, the monkey Abu, is always where it is hottest, in the center of the city crowd of Agrabah. The streets of the ancient capital are teeming with fakirs, juggling knives, snake charmers, merchants, basket thieves and, of course, the brave guardsmen of the Sultan.

A vertical shooter ported over from MSX. We can say the sister of the game Zanac, which should be well known to the owners of the NES. We fly on a starship, we shoot enemies. Unlike Zanac, there is a definite storyline about saving the planet from alien invaders. Unfortunately, during porting, screensavers were lost, which, in fact, revealed this plot.

BMX bike simulator starring the boy Alex. We ride a bike, we try to do tricks, we try not to fall. You are hindered by opponents in the face of some yellow goblins. A game from the same series - Alex Kidd. If other games in the series were platform games, then this game is a fun racing game.

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