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In 1990, the ideological successor to the glorious work of After Burner rolled off the assembly line: G-LOC: Air Battle. In technical terms, the game won (+ the third Motorola 68000 processor), but otherwise, alas. The speed of the gameplay for the sake of game goals was reduced, so that, instead of a dizzying, fast-paced action with a bunch of enemies, we got a measured flying-shooter, and even with a limited viewing angle due to the fact that most of the time we watch the battle from the cockpit. Only in cases where the enemy is sitting on the tail, the view changes, acquiring the usual rear view. There is no reckless shooting here.

Before us is quite a rare but worthy unlicensed Korean game Gaegujangi Ggachi for Samsung Gam*Boy / Master System. Gaegujangi Ggachi is a 512 KB platform game released in Korea in 1993, and in many ways reminiscent of Alex Kidd in Miracle World. If you don't look closely, you get the feeling that Alex Kidd in Miracle World was just put on another skin. The game looks great. However, there is a lack of Sega's firm hand, the gameplay and controls are honestly not very good.

A game about the struggle between Humans and Androids (like cyborgs, but cooler). One day, the Main Computer that controls the androids crashed. He lured people into a trap, whom you have to save. You will be given a group of fighters and you will try to save the poor hostages... If you succeed...

We have to save Mother Earth somehow... A spaceship resembling the one that flies in the Fantasy Zone must protect three planets from flying debris using its laser. If anything reaches its target, the planet loses 10% of its life. Be careful, in addition to protecting the planet, you need to look after yourself too! 25 rounds of firing

The future of the Galaxy hangs again on snot. Some evil Empire wants to destroy everything and everything. As always, you are the last hope. The shooter is good.

Competitions in popular sports in California in the late 80s: skateboard, socks, surfing, rollerblading, BMX, frisbee.

In the 1920s, you are an FBI agent chasing another contraband. Shooter, what else to say - for me this genre of game is not very ...

Take Thor's mighty axe, Tria's flying sword, Merlin's mystical magic, or Questor's well-aimed bow in order to defeat the Evil Spirits of Darkness. One of the oldest fantasy series has finally made it to the Master System! Have you heard anything about him?! In vain! You can choose one of four warriors: barbarian, valkyrie, elf or mage. Then go through tight labyrinths filled to capacity with hordes of monsters. Much can be said about the advantages and disadvantages of this game. Despite the simplicity of graphics and, at first glance, the unpretentiousness of the gameplay, the game has deservedly become the main decoration on the shelf of an advanced gamer thanks to the indescribable gameplay, which comes to the fore in the process of passing.

You are George Foreman, which is not bad - the recognized champion of the most realistic boxing! So, you are participating in the World Championship. But the path, as always, is not easy. I couldn’t go beyond the 3rd battle - fatigue from pressure on the buttons and the tediousness of the game affect ...

Shot all the aliens in the previous game? It doesn't matter, the Geraldines are just as interesting to kill.

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