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American football simulator. 2 game modes, 28 teams. American football, nothing supernatural. There are 28 teams to choose from. The view from above is not much appreciated. The game is made on the same engine as American Pro Football.

Michael Chen shoots his way through seven stages. The gameplay in the game is interesting. On odd levels, you shoot down saloons, hotels, and entire cities with a hurricane of fire. On even-numbered ones (except sixth), you gallop through the desert (maybe roll off), shooting everything that moves. If you are still reading this description of the game, don't be a cowboy.

You, the best detective of the ACME Detective Agency, have been called on a very disturbing assignment. Notorious art thief Carmen Sandiego is back on the loose and it's up to you to stop her. This popular series of games was released on the antediluvian Commodore 64, after which it was ported wherever possible. However, only the first part was ported to SMS. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (1988, Carmen plotted to steal the world famous treasures described in the New World Almanac).

Ordinary tennis, what else to add? It is possible to play both for passing (in a tournament), as well as against an opponent (or a computer, or a neighbor).

Compared to the first part of the game, tennis players have grown up a bit.

This game commemorates the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Dozens of different competitions. The game is well made, be sure to try it!

Dr. Kal Morrow (I will not translate his name), an expert in genetic research and the creation of human-animal hybrids, was kidnapped and his family was brutally murdered by the terrorist organization CHIMERA. His miraculously surviving son vows to avenge his family. Using his father's designs, he transforms into a human wolf and sets out to find the CHIMERA base in order to kill their leader, Karl Draxx. .

Here is a popular series of Japanese arcade games about the adventures of the warrior Wonderboy (Wonder Boy) and his pretty green-haired girlfriend. They must complete many tasks, visit strange lands and defeat terrible monsters. Tanya, the pretty girlfriend of our hero, was kidnapped by the villain Drancon and only Tom-Tom can save her. Wonder Boy will have to go through 14 different lands, with 4 rounds each. Naturally, at the end of each level it will be necessary to deal with the boss, of which there will be many.

This episode of Wonder Boy is a wonderful action adventure! The game begins in the Monster Castle, where Wonder Boy faces the terrible Mecha dragon (this is where the previous episode of Wonder Boy in Monster Land ended). Wonder Boy defeated the dragon, but the curse turned him into a reptile! To take on human form, you need to get Lizard Cross. In a difficult quest, Wonder Boy will be transformed into a reptile, mouse, piranha, lion and falcon to reach his goal! The game received the title of "Best Sega Game of 1989" from Electronic Gaming Monthly. . .

Continuation of the first Wonder Boy series. 11 years have passed. Peace and tranquility are again violated by some Dragon and his monsters. What should people do? Then they remembered Wonder Boy, who saved Wonder Land in the first part. But will he help? Specifically, a different game (unlike the first part, the hero can now use a sword, armor, etc.

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