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In general, "Daffy" is translated as "crazy". As can be seen from this duck! So, the plot: you are a duck and armed with a deadly weapon (it's called a bubble shooter!). Looking for some brainy animator professor in Hollywood. Just why, I still do not understand. Like all Looney Toones characters, the duck came out perfectly ... That says it all ... You can play.

You are Danan, you were saved by a certain Jimba, a relative of the Amazons, after a plane crash when you were young. But one day you came home, and the old guardian was already mortally wounded by someone. What happened to Jimba? Help Danan and me to figure out what kind of mess they've made here... The game pulls on a C grade no more...

You are George Phoenix, a detective whose girlfriend has been stolen. And you are the only one who can put the hardened criminal Robert King behind bars. It's like a plot... The game is not very, or rather, the graphics are not very good, the sound is ill, and the controls are difficult.

Uncle Scrooge found a magic necklace on a mysterious island, but the necklace put a curse on him! Now he is doomed to fly in the air forever! And in order to remove the curse from his uncle, Donald must take the necklace back. But what awaits him along the way?

The name of this ostrich is like Road Runner. You go about your business here and don't bother anyone. Yes, they do not pay attention to you. All. Except for one - the cunning American coyote (Wile E.

You are the pilot of an AH-64 Apache super helicopter. In total there should be 27 missions as written! And that's a lot. . . Destroy enemy infantry, tanks, nuclear reactors, save the lives of prisoners - that's what you have to do in this good game.

So, first the plot: the city can't sleep again. The mafia is in full swing! To the request to somehow help in the current situation, we answer in the affirmative, and now we are looking for and shooting bad guys. Everything is in your hands: a pistol, and a machine gun, and fists, and the law is on your side! However, the enemy does not sleep either. The basis of this game is a movie of the same name (unfortunate by the way). Despite the graphics (between 3 and 4), the sound is disgusting, and the gameplay is not very good.

You are holding another piece of Sega Master System history in your hands! Dinobasher was developed in 1993/1994 by Optimus Software under the watchful eye of Codemasters, whose Bignose release license allowed the game to be ported to the Master System. Shortly before completion, the game was heavily publicized in the March 1994 issue of Sega Power magazine. Why didn't the game hit the shelves? One of the possible reasons - glitches here and there. Another possible reason is that this game did not live up to the level of similar games of that time. No, the graphics do not cause any complaints, but the animation and the complexity of the levels are clearly lame.

Ten years is just the beginning, because even now new games fall into our hands from time to time! Of course, the best games have long been known, but no one will refuse to try a new, even mediocre game. Here's The Dinosaur Dooley for the Sega Master System (Agigongnyong Dooly), a strange unlicensed Korean side-by-side shooter starring an unknown dinosaur and a cheap soundtrack based on Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit! Credited "(C) DAOU INFOSYS 1991" and "(C) INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY 1993".

The game itself (Dodgeball) was officially registered and recognized only in 1998. However, the idea itself appeared much earlier. The rules are very simple. Two teams of 6 to 10 people each throw six rubberized foam balls. The team that knocks out (by touching the ball) the entire opposing team wins. The game is made in Korea.

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