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The best of the series - Land of Illusion! Play and play again! You were reading a book, and as is often the case, fell asleep. Once in a fairy village, you meet a young duck who asks you to find a crystal and save her village. Juicy and pleasant to the sound of the game! In general, what can I say - a classic Disney!

Poor Katerina is very afraid. The fact is that ghosts and goblins stole her soul and hid it somewhere. Help her find her soul again! You can use both the light gun and the joystick in the game. Yes, you can have some fun...

It happened in a distant kingdom, where the failed king Pete ruled. However, as long as life in the kingdom was good, people were happy. But behold, dark clouds covered the sky and made all people miserable. "Only a true King can fix this," the council members said. King Pete, afraid to take on such a difficult mission, decided to give it to poor Mickey, who happened to be at hand.

Lemmings is a great, intriguing game where you have to help hordes of goofy but adorable green-haired creatures known as Lemmings escape hostile environments in over a hundred unique adventures. The unfortunate rodents are overpopulated, therefore, the overgrown population is looking for a new home, migrating from place to place. The addictive puzzle game was designed by DMA Design and published by Psygnosis in 1991 for the Amiga. With lightning speed, it was ported to dozens of gaming platforms in legal and unofficial ways, and several sequels were also created. Lemmings fall to each level through the opened hatch doors.

Good shooter, with a view from above. We shoot on a fast jeep, with a bazooka on top and machine guns on the sides. And you go on a mission to a hot spot. I won't say anything else - play it yourself, I only went through the first mission, then it became more difficult and I passed out . .

Yes Yes! You read that right - it's the Lion King! Based on the Disney cartoon of the same name. The game has 10 levels, but you will not notice them - you will be absorbed by the atmosphere that this game gives! In general, I can’t count everything - you can see the graphics for yourself - it’s just super (time affects), everyone can play. Classic!

Another representative of the quest genre. The graphics, although miserable, but it's like Sherlock Holmes! Japanese scribbles make an invaluable contribution to the fact that it's better not to even touch the game. . . The game has graphics from the SG-1000, and many Internet sources attribute it to the SG-1000 platform, however, everything is much more banal.

Someone attributed it to the RPG genre. I don't know if this is correct as I haven't played for long. Who you become, a king or just a crook with a sword - it all depends on you. Landau (just like a city in Germany had a chance to prove to the Elders that you are ready to become their King! The servants of the evil Ra Goan overthrew the king, and the throne is currently empty. The elders decided that only the one who passes all the tests (in the amount of 3- x pieces), worthy of being called a king.

The evil witch has stolen Uncle Scrooge's Lucky Coins and captured his three nephews! Donald must go through 6 stages before he saves the kids and returns the Lucky Coins to Scrooge! As always, there are no words. The game is of amazing quality both in terms of graphics and storyline. Everyone run to play. Disney. Classic...