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Game Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Sega Master System - sms)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Platform game about the boy Alex, the first and most successful part. Alex returns to his home kingdom after a long practice of breaking stones with his hands and finds that he has been captured by all sorts of hostile living creatures. Naturally, there is no one to deal with this except you - so go ahead!

Many centuries ago, a boy named Alex Kidd appeared on the planet Eris. He knew little about his parents, because from a very young age, as far as he could remember, he spent on the Mount of Eternity, studying the ancient art that allows you to split stones into pieces. In our ancient records, this martial art is known as Pine Peeling, and among foreigners as Shellcore.

Seven years later, Alex descended the mountain, intending to go in search of his spiritual homeland. On his way he met a dense old man. He said that Alex is actually the prince of the country with the capital in the city of Radaktian, abducted in early childhood by some villain. And more importantly, his country was under threat. The magnificent Junken, a vicious tyrant, is ready to destroy the recalcitrant population without much remorse. Before leaving for a better world, the elder gave Alex a piece of a map and a Sunstone medallion.

It was hard to play from the very beginning. Disobedient controls, mixed up jump-hit buttons - it took about 5 minutes to get used to. The game has a decent antiquity, so it took some time to get used to the visual component. If you evaluate only the first levels, as I did at first, it is completely incomprehensible why the game is called one of the greatest produced by Sega. They are quite primitive, short, platform, interspersed with scuba diving and playing rock-paper-scissors. But later it becomes clear why the management is the way it is. If it were clear, the game would be played at once.

And only as you progress through the game you begin to love. You adapt to the controls, you understand that Alex jumps higher with a run, so you can collect more money. In the process, it becomes possible to drive a motorcycle, a helicopter and a boat - this is a very strong side of the game, since few platformers are so transformed into racing and a flying shooter, especially if you do not forget about the year of release. And as soon as you get into the castles, it becomes clear that the most interesting things are saved for later. In addition, the manual promises us 11 locations, so I was about to see Gamover for a third of the game, and the game went on and on, and the further, the more fun. Role-playing elements are also present - these are dialogues and items that give certain abilities, or are necessary for passing. Castles have an element of adventure,

What upset me is the bosses. Beating them is simple and uninteresting, gave a few times in the face and you're done. And the background - where are the blush clouds and other things that diluted the gameplay so much in the case of Mario? Otherwise, the game balance is observed to the smallest detail, and in combination with downhole music and bright graphics, it is conducive to a complete passage, moreover, more than once or twice.

One of a series of games about the same Alex'a. Immediately I note - this is a masterpiece, so download without hesitation and play, play! The most played game on the Sega Master System! And this is already worthy of the title of the best game! The graphics are really not great, somewhere good, but all this overshadows the gameplay and the plot itself. Your beloved was kidnapped ... in general, it's better to read the walkthrough, otherwise I won't have enough lines. You will ride a boat, motorcycle, helicopter, etc. The game deserves your attention! A true undying classic.

Alex Kidd is a short, big-eared man with a somewhat simian face and an old-fashioned hairstyle, dressed in a red and yellow jumpsuit. With his hefty arms, he can crush stones. Alex, a baby, was kidnapped from the family nest and lived for 7 years on the Eternal Mountain. Somehow he named his age - 14 years old, however, the inhabitants of the planet Eris at 14 years old do not look like us. What is known for certain is that he lived hundreds of years ago.

The boy owes his appearance to Bruce Lee (jumpsuit) and the monkey king Sun Wukong (appearance, habits). In addition, both heroes of the past were master fighters.

If Mario was a typical bourgeois resident, aggressive and uncompromising, then Alex was ours, his own Soviet boy. The same goes for games - Super Mario Bros. is rigidly standardized, not one step left or right, and in Miracle World every little thing is thought out and the game changes along the way so that the adventure takes your breath away!

We first meet Alex on the Eternal Mountain of the planet Eris, also known as the "Wonderful World". There, for 7 years, he studied the Pine Peeling technique, which allows him to split stones. After the disappearance of King Radaktian, chaos began on the planet. The usurper Great Dzhanken immediately kidnaps the heirs - Prince Egle (Igul) and his bride Laura, and turns many residents to stone. The ancient old man tells Alex the truth about his royal origin and the situation in the country, and he immediately sets off. After the victory, the people of Radaktian returned to their normal lives again, Egle and Laura got married, and Alex became the defender of the city, while not losing the desire to find his father.

Later, already in the game Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Alex hears a rumor that his long-lost father, who is also King Sander Grom (Thor), has been found on the planet Paperok. The planet got its name from Paperock - again, a reference to the game "Rock, Paper, Scissors" (rock-paper-scissors). Despite the complete disappointment in his family, Alex goes in search of...


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Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Sega Master System (SMS)
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