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A game with a telling name - EA Replay, will allow you to replay your favorite childhood games. Just listen - Road Rash, Desert Strike, Syndicate. Do you recognize? Still would! After all, these are the best games of Electronic Arts, on which a whole generation of gamers grew up. We are returning to the times when the good old Sega made us sit days and nights in front of the console, when films were exclusively on video cassettes, when the personal computer seemed to us something distant and unreal. It was console time and it's back on PSP screens! EA Replay - a collection of 14 selected games of the last century! - Ability to quickly save at any time.

Описание игры отсутствует!

Before you is an absolutely phenomenal game that will turn all your ideas about the laws of physics and the structure of the world upside down. The gameplay of Echochrome is based on the use of optical illusion. We can twist the "pseudo-3D" level construction as we like, covering holes and creating new transitions. The main idea is that the laws of physics do not apply here, everything is decided by optics, i. e.

Heavily inspired by traditional RPG dungeon crawlers such as Sorcery, Elminage Gothic remains true to traditional mechanics and fairytale creatures, while also expanding the genre with deep customization options. In the distant realm of Ishmag, King Jardine has entered an era of peace. At least until rules and hideous creatures begin to emerge from the depths, the treacherous caves of Tsun-Kurn and dark rumors of a rising evil begin to creep across the peaceful lands. It's up to you to arm yourself and descend into the depths of Tsun-Kurn in an attempt to end the growing darkness and save your kingdom. .

The young man was slowly walking along the hills familiar from childhood, when he noticed a beautiful stone under his feet. Suspecting nothing, the young man picked up the find and decided to take it home, but no such luck! The stone cracked, and the muzzle of a baby dragon appeared from its bowels! The bright cobblestone turned out to be the egg of a huge lizard, and the “chick” was the last Blue Dragon on the planet.

A very unusual puzzle from the creators of the famous Lumines. This is a mixture of arcade shooter and puzzle game with a great soundtrack and special effects. In Every Extend Extra, you will have to avoid enemy attacks and inflict your own, in the form of explosions that will be reflected in all directions. The larger the chain of reflections, the more points you get. You have to act as a bomb, masterfully destroying any obstacles on your way in three-dimensional space.

The legends of world tennis have earned the love and respect of fans. Grandiose competitions gather thousands of fans on the courts, millions of viewers follow the tournaments, and even heads of state show interest in this sport. However, you can look at the exciting duel of two masters from a different angle if you add a bit of healthy humor to it.

Originally developed exclusively by Jonathan Mack, Everyday Shooter won three awards at the 2007 Independent Games Festival Game Developers Conference and became a hit on PS3. Now you can experience this unique shooter on your PSP system in this faithful port. Unlike traditional arcade shooters, each level is presented as a different "music track" complete with a different look and combo chain system, and the typical arcade destruction sounds are replaced by harmonizing guitar riffs on an instrumental soundtrack. . .

Mister Escape, a rescue professional for all occasions, embarks on an exciting journey to rescue unlucky people in trouble. You will escape from the zone of the largest earthquakes, dangerous fires and other misfortunes that you can imagine. Along the way, Mr.ESC will rescue people and take them to a safe area. Become the hero of a real action movie!

The second part of the game about the resilient rescuer of innocent victims of fires and other natural and industrial disasters - Mr. Escape. This real master of survival will take you away from danger, overcoming all obstacles and traps. Exit 2 has a lot of new and interesting levels, a few new characters to save, and an unusual and stylish atmosphere of the game.

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