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After a long and exhausting war with the merciless army of the Roms, the kingdom of Altago and its inhabitants are trying to settle down and start a new life in new lands. One fine day, two friends, Eidol and Dogi, sailed into the harbor of the capital of the kingdom and, trying to save a local girl from the persecution of an armed man, unexpectedly get into a fight with the Dragon Knights, a detachment of the military police of the city of Altago.

A game series with an eighteen-year history is back with us. The first part of Ys appeared back in 1987. The protagonist - Adol Christian - has not aged at all and certainly has not lost his sense of adventure. This time, fate throws him on an "uninhabited" island, which turns out to be very inhabited, and the natives are not at all hospitable. Numerous spells and good old swords will help to tame the obstinate burrows of the natives, the skill with which Edol has no equal.

Dogi and Adol sail to Dogi's hometown, where they learn about the troubles that have fallen on the locals. From somewhere, monsters began to appear, and even a monster lives in the mine. The protagonist gets down to business and kills him. However, having killed the monster, he realizes that this is only the beginning, and the worst secret of the Felgana Island has yet to be revealed.

Do you know how to play cards? Not in the "fool" and not even in poker, but in other cards. When they lie on the table, empires are born and entire worlds die, angels and demons converge in a deadly battle, magic collides with technology. Each move in such a game is a powerful spell, and delay means the death of the hero. If you are unfamiliar with such cards, the Duel Academy will certainly teach the beginner all the tricks of the art of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Start training right now and get ready for the biggest challenge of your life! Yu Gi Oh! GX Tag Force is the first game in the series to be released on PSP! A new academic year has begun at the Duel Academy, and the organizers of the competition have prepared a surprise for the students.

Since ancient times, cards have been one of the favorite entertainments. During the game, someone's fate was decided, entire fortunes were squandered and lucky ones appeared who hit an unprecedented jackpot. But there are other cards with unusual rules. Greedy people are not fond of them, there is no envy and enmity in them, rivals will not attack each other because of a pair of gold coins. The spirit of magic and magic reigns here, here you can come into contact with the unknown, become the ruler of an entire empire, or be cast down to Tartarus.

Card battles on portable consoles have never known such intensity of passions! Yu Gi Oh! Duel Monsters GX: Tag Force 3 is the most advanced entry in the series for the PSP to date. More than three and a half thousand cards allow you to build unimaginable combinations and defeat your opponents in a variety of ways. The game takes place in the universe of the popular television series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and are based on the third and fourth seasons. You will meet familiar characters and be able to take part in epic magical battles and exciting, unpredictable adventures with them. An impressive deck of cards provides a rich selection of traps, monsters and spells, so you won't be bored in this fantastic war.