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G-Force is a super team of guinea pigs working for the US government. To perform special tasks, the animals were trained by one outstanding scientist, and now they can penetrate places inaccessible to people, armed with the most modern technologies. The special unit includes: Darwin - squad leader, communications specialist; Juarez - the only girl on the team, martial arts specialist; Blaster is the "muscles" of the team. Together they have to destroy the plans of an evil genius who dreams of seizing power over the world. G-Force is a game based on the cartoon of the same name, which tells about guinea pigs engaged in espionage activities in a special division of the FBI.

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The game "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" was based on the events that took place in the movie of the same name. Her plot begins to develop just at the moment when the film ends. Here you can choose one of 12 characters, and go to perform the most difficult tasks. Each of these characters has their own special skills, equipment, weapons. The rest of the characters will fight with you shoulder to shoulder with numerous enemies.

The game is based on the anime "Listen to dad!" and is a visual novel with action elements. Fun and kind toy, anime fans, don't miss it!

Organized crime groups and petty gangs have drowned London in blood and fear. Gangsters have divided the city into spheres of influence, and not a day goes by that shots are not heard on the streets - the English mafia arranges a redistribution of quarters. Gangs of London takes you to the dark side of the great city, where Death lurks in the shadow of shabby walls. . .

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A turn-based strategy game with RPG elements. Lead your troops to conquer Neverland. Ambition does not control you, but the desire to help your fragile sister recover from a mysterious curse. The game is filled with RPG elements. Use magic, weapons, upgrade your skills... The plot promises to be exciting, so get ready to spend dozens of hours playing this wonderful toy.

Well, here comes the long-awaited new part of the JRPG series about Runes, "a new story about a hundred worlds after a hundred years", as the project's slogan says, promising to take the series to a new level! Be sure to watch the video, the changes in the graphics are already on the face, and oh yes, the music in the game is invariably divine...

A new game from the Bandai studio based on the anime masterpiece "Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex". The game is a first-person shooter in which you again have to fight terrorists and hackers on behalf of one of four operatives - fast and agile Motoko, "Major" Kusanagi, hardy and strong Batou, sniper Saito . . . uh .

Some meetings should never take place, just as some words should never leave your lips. Otherwise, it will be difficult to prove later that you did not make a deal. Professional racing driver Johnny Blaze promised to give his soul for his father's life. In return for fulfilling his wish, Satan turned Johnny into his ghost-killer, doomed for centuries to ride a hellish motorcycle and fulfill the orders of Darkness! Based on the Marvel comics, the story of Ghost Rider is about a rider cursed by Mephistopheles himself. But, despite the pact concluded with darkness, Johnny Blaze is in no hurry to part with his inner self.

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