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The first game in the . hack series for the PSP (and the planned final game for the franchise), . hack//links the player's entry into a new version of their virtual landscape called the world R:X ("R" stands for "revision"). 10 years have passed since the last . Hack, the players take control of Tokyo Kuryu, a second-year high school student.

The events take place during the Edo period (19th century). A story about a girl who is looking for her father. She is assisted by the Shinsengumi, who keep the traditions of true samurai. The game has a lot of violence and blood. And so that it would not be boring to go through Hakuouki a second time - it has several endings, depending on the choice of answer in the dialogues.

After 260 years of shogunate samurai rule, power began to wane, as men allegedly loyal to the emperor began to wreak havoc and dissent throughout the country. The Shinsengumi was formed to deal with this rising tide of violence, as well as to protect the shogun and the people from the dangerous ronin. As the country is close to total war, Kanako travels to Kyoto to find her missing father. She faces danger and the Shinsengumi, in quick succession. Learning that the Shinsengumi is also looking for her father, Kanako goes under their protection.

An adventure game developed by otomate and published by Idea Factory which was released in Japan in 2011.

Hakuouki Yuugi Roku is a quick look at the everyday life of Shinsengumi students. You can play mini-games with them and find out what they really are. Each student is responsible for chores, washing clothes, making tea and daily teaching. There is also the possibility of fencing. Help them get the job done and find out more about them!

The Edo period in Japan was coming to an end. The shogunate, which held power in the country for more than 200 years, found itself contested by the imperial court, and several domains that crackle under shogunal rule. In these conditions of political instability, an organization rose to prominence: the Shinsengumi. Originally created to protect the streets of Kyoto by the samurai, they have come to represent the last, tragic bastion of honor of the samurai culture that has defined much of Japan's history. In Hakuoki: The Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, a young woman named Kanako comes to Kyoto in search of her missing father, and soon discovers danger and the Shinsengumi in quick succession.

An absolutely ingenious concept for those who love Japanese RPGs, but who do not have an extra two weeks to spare. Half-Minute Hero is an RPG that tries to squeeze long stories of saving kingdoms into a measly half-minute. The idea is this: There are monsters, cities and a hero. The black magician began to conjure a monstrous spell. You have exactly thirty seconds to upgrade the protagonist and cut down the villain in the corridors of his castle.

Take control of a small carpenter and save your hometown from brutal invaders.Get ready to protect the people of your hometown along with your girlfriend Kanna.Don't forget: to get stronger, you need to eat well and cook your own food.Learn new crafts and new weapons to resist the Yakuza warriors .

In the first PSP game inspired by the Hannah Montana series of the same name, you'll not only have to delight your fans from the stage, but also plan every concert of your world tour. Enter the stage, where you first have to set the lights and carefully choose the scenery, and light up the hall with eleven songs known from Hannah Montana. Game Features: Plan a concert from A to Z, including scenery, song list, lighting and special effects. Design unique costumes for Hannah Montana and her band. Get on stage knowing that everything around you is made by your own hands.

How do you feel about taking a break and moving to the casino with some pretty groovy music from the 50s? Hard Rock Casino for psp will allow you to do just that. You will be able to visit one of the largest and most visited establishments in the American city of Las Vegas, all games will now be embodied in virtual reality, for this you will use your psp game console. True, here you do not have to spend real, honestly earned money. You can just get by with virtual bucks. An interesting feature of game-torrento.

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