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After the law of the world government of 2049 to replace the air force with squadrons of unmanned flying robots, thousands of pilots were thrown into the street. No one, except for the criminal syndicates, agreed to lend a helping hand to the fighters left idle. Years passed. And under a veil of secrecy, in distant orbits, in the shadow of asteroid fields, a new army was gathering. An army that has its own accounts with an ungrateful state.

The Madden NFL game series has sold forty million copies around the world, hundreds of thousands of virtual football players on the planet have recognized the series as a leader in the genre. And what is the best incentive for new achievements, further improvement and evolution than the love of fans? Madden NFL 06 opened up new horizons for the entire series. Never before has control been so convenient, and combinations with passing the ball so sophisticated and ingenious. If you are not afraid of the inevitable brutality of American football, if you have the will, courage and an unquenchable thirst for thrills - Madden NFL 06 is open to you! The revolutionary QB Vision system puts you in charge. Now you can quickly identify defenders on the opposing team and quickly neutralize them! Realism is the key to success.

The next edition of the unsinkable series of rugby simulators. This is already the 17th edition of the game, offering new features such as the trick to reveal the lead blocker and then break the tailback. Innovative control will allow you to attack and block in dozens of different ways.

Get a feel for what it's like to be the general field of key personnel decisions on both sides of the ball during the big game moments in Madden NFL 08. Quickly identify the strongest players on the field in front of each snap then move them into position to make game-changing momentum -change plays. Use your team's strengths and immediately read your opponent's schemes and react to actions as soon as the ball is played. . .

Celebrating 20 years of innovation, Annoy NFL 09 delivers the most entertaining and addictive football package for the PSP by combining Wi-Fi multiplayer gaming and lounge mini-games with the new EA Sports™ game family, with an easy-to-use game control system. With an all-new three-level playcalling system, plus a new last-minute marvel mini-game, the franchise is taking its next step in bringing you the ultimate football experience on the go with Madden NFL 09.

Madden NFL 10 - The legendary football series enters a new era in which NFL fans can get everything they see during the Sunday broadcast of matches from the USA - except for grass stains on clothes. Madden NFL 10 takes the authenticity of the game and the intensity of football passion to a new level. From now on, players will have even more opportunities to influence the outcome of the match by dragging the defenders to the first marker, fighting for the fumble at the base of the pyramid, or hiding in the "envelope" at the time of the attack. Madden NFL 10 uses new animation technology to ensure that the intense Fight For Every Yard doesn't stop before the final whistle. .

Madden NFL 11 rekindles American football fans' interest in the PlayStation® Portable. All the most exciting moments of 2009 and beyond - all in the continuation of the world-famous Madden NFL series. Now every day with Madden NFL 11 will be a holiday for you. The experience of Gus Johnson and Chris Collinsworth will take the battles in the field to a new level. Choose the tactics of the game or invent it yourself - feel like a real American football star.

Описание игры отсутствует!

Описание игры отсутствует!

Baseball is not just a sports game. Rather, it is like a religion that has millions of its own parishioners. Each baseball star is a very famous person with a large army of fans. All work stops when the baseball game starts. The stands are filled to the brim, the fans are watching the ball with bated breath.

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