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Obscure: The Aftermath is a sequel to Obscure, set 2 years after everything that happened at Leafmore High, when a few teenagers were trapped and managed to survive from monsters and a maniac director. Then they go to Fallcreek College, hoping to erase all the terrible moments from their memory, but things do not go as smoothly as they would like, and unusual black flowers flood the entire campus.

The oldest intellectual game in the history of mankind opens up new facets in the chess battles of Online Chess Kingdoms. On the PSP screen, not just figures move, but courageous warriors, the management of which requires remarkable quick wit and ingenuity. Fight against electronic and live opponents on stunningly beautiful maps, the mere sight of which will take your breath away. Online Chess Kingdoms is more than just chess. In addition to the usual rules, you will find extraordinary game modes with their own laws and orders - they dramatically change the usual game! Chess with a story! Confrontation of familiar figures is not without meaning! Before your eyes, a dramatic story is being played out with insidious palace intrigues and true heroism of warriors devoted to their rulers.

The game, created by one of the most famous game studios - Ubisoft, will allow you to feel all the humor and adventure spirit of the original cartoon. The developers have been able to create a fun interactive world that reflects the comedic storyline and funny situations from the movie, a world where you can once again meet the amazingly charismatic characters of the Open Season. Open Season for PSP is just the same filled with exciting entertainment in the open spaces, where a motley mass of forest dwellers are preparing surprises for unsuspecting hunters. Good-natured, accustomed to the homeliness of his lair, a grizzly named Boog succumbs to the persuasion of the black-tailed deer Eliot to go in search of a better habitat. As a result, Bug is lost in unfamiliar forests just 3 days before the opening of the hunting season.

A cool wind tangles in your hair, caresses your face with gentle wings and solemnly carries a dusty mantle. After all, you are the king. The king of speed and crazy risk, a madman who breaks all the rules of the road and admires it. Your car is more expensive than several apartments, and your life at a speed of 300 km / h is not worth a penny, but do you really need decrepit peace ?! OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is a game for those who do not accept compromises with fate! Great racers go to the edge, but they perceive every moment of existence, unlike mere mortals, as an example. See the world through the eyes of the best of the best daredevils.

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The magical forest did not enjoy peace and quiet for long. A tidbit for scoundrels of all stripes, he repeatedly gave a worthy rebuff to deceit. However, the villains do not even think to retreat! Crazy cat lady and cunning beaver Boris took into account the mistakes of their predecessors and prepared their cunning plan. Peacefully negotiate with them will not work! This means that four brave friends again take up the task of saving their home! Familiar characters return to the screens. This time, the adventures of Hummi, RJ and Vern will become even more dangerous.