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Projects called Samurai Shodown have long delighted gamers around the world. After all, two-dimensional fighting games in our time, you can hardly find. With a huge fan base behind the series, SNK has released the Samurai Shodown Anthology for PSP. In Anthology we are waiting for as many as seven parts of the famous fighting game!!! Unfortunately, Samurai Spirits Zero does not fall into the number of these seven, but the trouble is not great. After all, we can completely get by with the line of games offered to us.

The game Samurai Warriors: State of War takes place in an era when Japan was swept by a wave of civil war. Scattered small and large principalities waged an internecine war for power over the territory, the country lay in ruins, and the common people and peasants were poor. In this troubled time, famous historical figures, despite the resistance, did their best to bring the country to peace and end the war. Nobunaga Oda, Shingen Takeda, and Kenshin Uesugi, these valiant commanders stood at the head of those forces that stopped the chaos and restored Japan. The plot of Samurai Warriors: State of War on PSP will allow you to take part in one of the most cruel and bloody pages of the history of ancient Japan.

SBK 07: Superbike World Championship, based on the legendary Superbike World Championship, was created under license from FG Sport and promises to delight gamers with real racers, real bikes, real tracks and amazing atmosphere. SBK 07: Superbike World Championship will be a worthy competitor to the Moto GP series on PSP.

The SBK-08 Superbike World Championship for psp lets you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 2008 Road Racing World Championship. The developers have tried to display in the game SBK 08 every detail of the World Racing Championship. The stylized menu elements, the way the races are shown that mimic TV reports, the intense atmosphere of racing competitions, high-quality graphics, realistic physics model, the ability to select the difficulty level, and the dazzling Umbrella Girls make this game an exciting action. Among other things, the SBK 08 will allow you to drive on several race tracks that are not on the MotoGP calendar. Have you always wanted to experience the breakneck speed of a game-torrento.

To survive in the gangster world, it is not enough to shoot well and masterfully drive a car. Especially for the portable entertainment system PSP studio FarSight created a special version of Scarface. The scenario of the game continues the event of the legendary gangster thriller "Scarface". But if Tony Montana died tragically at the end of the film, then according to the plot of Scarface: Money. power.

Phantasy Star Portable will take you to a familiar universe and, thanks to the mobility of the PSP, will plunge into the abyss of amazing adventures anywhere and anytime. The game predates the events of Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus, but takes place after the original Phantasy Star Universe. A new threat looms over the world. Trouble begins with massive bouts of aggression in wild animals, but behind the strange behavior of animals is an ancient and dangerous force. A new character, Vivienne, will help you figure out what is happening, as well as more than one and a half hundred new weapons and items created specifically for the Phantasy Star Portable.

Scrabble for PSP is a world famous board game invented in 1938 by architect Alfred Butts. There are thousands of Scrabble clubs in America and Europe, tournaments and championships are regularly held. Now PSP owners have the opportunity to show their talents in knowledge, albeit English, of the language. The game consists in the formation of interconnected words on the basis of a crossword puzzle. Words are made up on the game board using alphabetic tiles that have different value in points.

For the first time in the history of the Ratchet & Clank series, the little robot Clank found himself face to face with an unfriendly world. Now he can rely only on his own strength and must by all means overcome all difficulties, because the fate of Ratchet is at stake! Universal injustice separated a cheerful couple - Clank's best friend was accused of a crime he did not commit, and only a fearless robot can remove all suspicions.

Long years after the era of 16-bit consoles, the best designs of the legendary SEGA Genesis console are back on sale. These games, which became bestsellers, crowned a golden age in the virtual space. And today they are in your hands! The SEGA Genesis Collection is a complete collection of hits from the distant past. Only together with them you can plunge into the world of carefree childhood! Each project has been carefully selected by a strict commission. Only those who won the hearts of millions managed to win a precious place in the SEGA Genesis Collection.

The engines choke with a menacing roar, the spectators run away from the track in a panic, gravel and clods of dirt are torn from under the wheels: rally racing is a sport for real men! Your main rival is not the driver of another car, although you will have to compete with him, but nature itself! Sharp turns, rocky cliffs, snow-covered tracks with deep snowdrifts and puddles of liquid mud instead of asphalt - are you ready for such tests? SEGA Rally will make you look at cross-country racing in a new way.

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