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This is the first game in the famous FORMULA ONE series from Sony, created specifically for the PSP portable entertainment system. The game has absorbed the best elements of the game series that has been released since 2000. F1 Grand Prix is ​​distinguished by unsurpassed realism of graphics, game physics and control of fireballs. The game will appeal to both lovers of fast "fun on the run" and true professionals who value authenticity and accuracy in games. Presented in the game 18 racing tracks, 10 teams and 20 cars are licensed from the International Motorsport Federation.

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The world's evil set in motion, and the Great Gardal built a diabolical plan. With the help of his loyal followers Quip and Morg, he intends to conquer the Castle in the Sky, the last stronghold built to protect the world from the forces of evil. The only way for Gardal to open the gates of the Castle is the sacrifice of the innocent soul of Erwin, the young boy mentioned in an ancient prophecy. Gardal and his henchmen had already captured the boy and imprisoned him in a dungeon where he awaited execution. But Gerdal did not take into account the fact that Aira, Erwin's clairvoyant sister, would rush to his aid.

In this brand new toy, in Russian it is called Fairy Tail: Zeref's Awakening, new heroes will appear before us, now their total number will be 46 characters. In this game, the events of Edoras, Nirvana, the island of the Heavenly Wolf are affected, plus a special arc from the authors of the game themselves!

Don't miss your chance to take part in a really fun and tough Family Guy show! Three favorite heroes are ready to bring you and your friends to hysterical laughter! But for all their jokes to succeed, you will have to make a lot of effort. Are you ready to take a break? Then what are you waiting for?! The adventures of the Griffins have already begun! Three in business, counting the dog. Three members of the famous family will have to solve their everyday problems at once. Big and kind dad Peter, obsessed with the idea of ​​​​world conquest baby Steve and their talking alcoholic dog Brian will be under your control. Not with laughter alone.

Type-Moon's most successful franchise has received another video game incarnation, in a new RPG genre on the PSP platform, called Fate/EXTRA. The game will put Fate on a JRPG track and allow players to choose the gender of the protagonist. Of course, fans will not be left without the presence of the main characters of the series - Rin and Saber. The gameplay is a mixture of a typical Dungeon crawl RPG with some school elements. .

Fate/Extra CCC for PSP is a sequel to Fate/Extra, so the plot will be tied closely to the previous game. The time of action is 2032, as in the first part. Something strange is going on and Tsukumihara Academy has changed in some strange way. The player character, which can be either a guy in a school uniform or a girl dressed in a sailor suit, is looking for a way to escape from this world. Players can choose Saber, Caster or Gilgamesh as their Servant at the very beginning of the game.

A fighting game developed by Capcom in 2009. The events of the game are based on the visual novel Fate/stay night. Most of the characters in the game are from Fate/stay night, with some from Fate/Zero and Fate/hollow ataraxia. The game has an arcade mode where there is a storyline (in the form of a visual novel) for each character and you can lead your hero to victory in the holy grail war. There is also a mission, survival, training, and multiplayer mode.

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In this game, you will take command of a huge army as a field commander with extensive combat experience who works for the independent organization ATLAS. We can say that the task set is quite standard - saving the world from the evil terrorists of the Shadow Nation, who unleash wars and fight for global domination on the planet. At your disposal are 15 army divisions and 11 field officers, units can operate on land, on water and in air. You will have to show your strategic talents throughout 30 unique missions, the events of which unfold in beautiful three-dimensional locations. The graphic component of the game is quite on the level: dynamic lighting and visual effects, highly detailed levels, buildings and unit models.

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