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A forgotten place where humans, gnomes, elves, halflings and many other races lived in peace and harmony. It was a utopia surrounded by dense green forest and crystal clear rivers. But be that as it may, the demons disturbed their peaceful life. The Dark Lord, the former ruler of these lands, has returned, and a battle has broken out that has engulfed all races. After years of unremitting struggle, the Dark Lord was defeated by the hands of a hero named Rastul.

Valhalla Knights 2 is the continuation of the popular fantasy RPG, which deservedly gained a lot of fans around the world. The new part of the game will offer us an even richer gaming universe, surpassing its predecessor both in size and saturation. We are waiting for new characters, a lot of quests, new things, spells and much more. Game Features: Features in Valhalla Knights 2 include new additional races and over 370 different types of armor and weapons. In addition, gamers expect more than 60 quests available in the story mode.

Earth. Alternative reality. 40s of the twentieth century. Gaul is a small country in the center of Europe. By a tragic coincidence, it is this peaceful border region that turns out to be the arena of war.

Events of the 3rd part of a series take place parallel to the first game and an anime to series, respectively and in two years, prior to events of the 2nd part. Under management of the player fighters & laquo get;

Several years have passed since the release of the original version of Valkyrie Profile on PS one, and during this time the game has managed to gain cult status. Fans remember it with delight on online forums, collectors raise prices for a disc at online auctions, journalists sigh: “There were games . . . ”.

Probably, many people like to watch films about superheroes, and some of you even dream of being in their shoes and fighting face to face with any villain or scoundrel. In this game from Capcom, you will have the opportunity to both get into the shoes of a hero and fight a villain, and star in a movie, and not even one. Someone Captain Blue (Captain Blue) once decided to shoot a super-blockbuster about the struggle between good and evil, about the battle of black and white! But, here's the bad luck, to choose one of the huge number of the most self-made heroes for the main role, the task is very difficult. But ingenuity, as before, again helps out the elderly super hero. He decides to host a tournament for aspiring supermen, and the winner of the competition will be given the greatest honor to play the title role in the upcoming blockbuster.

Tennis courts are often filled with passions that would be the envy of the most intense football matches. Why? The answer is simple: tennis requires excellent preparation, diligent training and full calculation from athletes, and emotional stress under such conditions reaches peak levels. Thousands of people gather to watch the fight of champions, sympathizing with this or that player, so the ground for emotions is the most favorable. Virtua Tennis 3 is your pass to the court where the world's best tennis players gather. Starting your career with friendly matches in which your hero is opposed by little-known athletes, you will get a chance to break into the tennis elite and cross rackets with celebrities whose names are known to everyone from young to old.

The first part of perhaps the best tennis simulator for PSP. Take part in singles competitions or the world championship, honing the skills of famous tennis players or creating your own rookie character. Features of the game Virtua Tennis: World Tour: 4 types of playground coverage, each of which affects the behavior of the ball: grass, clay, carpet, earth. Play over WiFi for up to 4 players. .